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We can provide you with a wide array of energy solutions to help you manage your natural gas budget by offering a number of flexible, easy-to-use product choices:



NYMEX-based Pricing

  • Lock-in the transportation cost (basis) to move natural gas from its source to your facility.
  • Your commodity price will be based off of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) monthly index plus the local basis.

Fixed Price

  • Secure up to your full contract volume at a fixed price, reducing your exposure to potential market and price volatility.

Fixed Trigger or Selective Lock-in

  • This option allows you to contract a NYMEX plus basis commodity price with the option of fixing the price at a later date when market conditions become attractive.
  • This solution gives you the option of selecting a favorable “trigger” or “target” price.
  • Whenever the price reaches the target price level, we will convert the NYMEX pricing to a fixed pricing at the target price.

Please provide a copy of your current bill(s) and the term length you would be interested in when enrolling.

I’m Interested!

If you’d like more info or are interested in switching to us, please email us at expressing your interested and provide a copy of your most recent utility bill.